Centrifugal / Radial Fans are available in wide range with different blade profiles like Backward curved, Backward curved Radial tipped, Straight Blade, Open blade limit load backward curved etc with approximate pressure ranges and varied material of construction like MS, SS, MS Lined with FRP, MS Rubber Lined etc.

Our present ranges

  • SISW Low Pressure 100 CMH to 100000 CMH
  • SISW Medium Pressure 2000 CMH to 200000 CMH
  • SISW High Pressure 2000 CMH to 100000 CMH
  • DIDW Low Pressure 7500 CMH to 200000 CMH

These Fans are based on the application / end use like,

  • Combustion or High Pressure Fans
  • Boiler Fans (ID, FD & PA)
  • Plug Fans
  • Ventilation Fans, Supply air or Exhaust air
  • Dust Extraction / Fume Exhaust etc.

Tailor made to suit any application and size based on specification, configuration.

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